Beauflor Vinyl Flooring

Taking luxury to a whole new level in your home


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Beauflor vinyl planks are composed of high-quality material and come in an assortment of modern designs that reflect the look of natural wood or stone.  

Beauflor planks are constructed of four layers:

  • The base is an RCB (Rigid Composite Board) that guarantees stability. RBC gives you the freedom to install the planks over any subfloor without absorbing the imperfections
  • An acoustic vinyl layer that reduces sound
  • A wear layer that gives the plank its durability and stands up to high traffic
  • A top layer made of PU protective lacquer, making the plank scratch resistant and waterproof.


Why should you choose Beauflor luxury vinyl over the competition?

Beauflor vinyl planks are composed of noise-reducing materials. They can absorb up to 50% more sound than other luxury vinyl floors. That makes these floors ideal for apartments or upstairs rooms. The DreamClick locking design makes installation easy, and with 4-side identical locks, you can install them faster than traditional click boards. What makes this floor standout through is the RCB base, making it possible to install over any subfloor without absorbing imperfections.


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