Luxury Vinyl Facts

Learn about some of the truths of luxury vinyl

What is true or false about luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl has come a long way the past forty years, but there are still common misconceptions about this product:

False – Risk of walk-off

  • Many people are under the impression that over time they can wear the design off the top of the tile. The truth is, luxury vinyl tile has a clear top layer over the layer with the printed image. This layer guards the image against scuffs and scratches.

False– No visual depth

  • When luxury vinyl was first produced, the printed design was not dimensional and pretty much had no texture. The truth is today, with the help of technology, the tiles now have more dimension and depth to them to exactly replicate the look of wood.

False – Luxury vinyl is another word for Laminate

  • A very common and reoccurring misconception is that LVT is the same as laminate, and both can be used synonymously. Although visually there are some similarities, the truth is both are constructed very differently. LVT has a vinyl core whereas laminate has a wood powder core. This means both react very differently to moisture.

False – The cost is high

  • Many mix up the different characteristics of LVT and VCT (vinyl composite tile). VCT does not have a clear protective layer, which means it is necessary to maintain VCT by waxing and polishing to seal the surface. The truth is luxury vinyl tile has a clear wear layer that protects it from damage due to heavy use, eliminating the maintenance cost.

If you are interested in learning more about luxury vinyl flooring, be sure to check out more information on top brands such as COREtec and our Carpet One exclusive Invincible.


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